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Ability Drive Update 2304 released

Big Picture

  • Much work on camera view, including higher quality/resolution (depending on system)
  • Improved performance on some systems, especially the SmartBox GridPad 12
  • Fix for the "doesn't start" bug that some people experienced
  • Support for additional systems (Eyegaze Edge, EyeTech EyeOn)


Bug Fixes

  • App expiration just goes to desktop rather than shows "must be updated"

Support Improvements

  • Adjust Support area on Settings page to highlight web page and phone number
  • Settings page change Button "GazeEnabled/TouchOnly" labels from "Not Gaze Enabled" to "This button is touch only"
  • Change text on Settings page from "Forward Camera" to "Camera View"
  • Update the code signing certificate which expired in May 2023 with new certificate

Performance Improvements

  • Rework Camera system so Settings window starts within 1 second on GridPad 12 Lumini, was taking up to 19 seconds
  • Improve performance of time to show Splash Screen from App launch from 7 seconds to 1 second
  • Fixed: When Eye Gaze Camera is not detected, the discovery task was blocking UI updates
  • Fixed: When ADT is not connected, polling for device paused the UI thread

Integration Improvements

  • Add URI invoke (eyedrive:) to integrate better with TD Snap
  • Don't stop/start Grid 3 when Tobii or Lumini camera is detected
  • Update EyegazeInc driver to add device serial number and error notifications
  • Reduce warnings logged by EyegazeInc driver when hub cable is disconnected
  • Update EyeTech driver with new SDK version
  • Fixed: Settings screen icons are pulsing improperly and selecting way too fast when using the EyeTech camera
  • Fixed: Registry keys used to integrate with other apps have the wrong path
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